Stoya sensual, beautiful and sexy


Stoya is one of the best. We can say that without hesitation and I am pretty sure most of the porn lovers will agree with this statement. What you can see bellow is one of the most sexy and sensual photo session that she ever made. And is for the most appreciated, model orientated network:

Dressed in a sexy black lingerie in perfect contrast with her white pale skin, Stoya delivers like usual. The light coming from the window give a mysterious and sensual feel to all these pictures. Our girl is perfectly shaved and she reveals her beautiful pussy and tight ass knowing that we all desire her.
I must admit that the photographer did an amazing work putting in the best light Stoya’s assets.

The pictures shared here are just a fraction from this amazing photo session. If you want to see them all plus the video visit for more exclusive content of the wonderful Stoya.

Stoya is definitely one of the most wanted girls in the porn industry. This slim and pale babe has the looks and the attitude needed to make it in this game.
Her real name is Jessica Stoyadinovich and she was born in 1986 from a Serbian mother and a Scottish father. She started her career by doing softcore photography for one of her friends. Over the years she worked with all the major companies like EvilAngel or Digital Playground.
Besides doing porn, Stoya is also a successful writer. You can read her articles in The New York Time, Vice, The Guardian and many others magazines.
Her personal life is very discreet because this sexy babe likes to keep things to herself. In 2007 it was rumored that she was dating Marilyn Manson. After that she had a relationship with the male porn actor James Deen. In a Twitter post in 2015 she stated that he once penetrated her without her consent. After this post at least 8 other women claimed that the actor raped them.


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